Thursday, July 11, 2013


ACOG has made it a priority to combat legislative interference with the patient-physician relationship. ACOG’s Executive Board recently approved a Statement of Policy formalizing this effort.

Most of us recognize that government serves a valuable role in protecting public health and safety and in the provision of essential health services. However, we at KerismaMD and others, like ACOG, oppose any government interference that threatens communication between patients and their physicians or other health care providers. ACOG also objects to laws that interfere with the patient’s right to be counseled according to the best currently available evidence-based guidelines and the physician’s professional medical judgment.
ACOG President Jeanne A. Conry, MD, PhD acknowledged that “given the relentless legislative assault on the patient-physician relationship that we’ve seen in the past few years—and unfortunately continue to see—we were compelled to issue a formal Statement of Policy.”

Click here to read the full news release accompanying the Statement.

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